Read All Ingredients On Supplements Labels – Your Health Depends On It!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Read All Ingredients On Supplement Labels – Your Health Depends On It!!!

I was picking up some supplements at a vitamin store and asked the compounding pharmacist which brand he would recommend. He suggested one with cellulose, a supplement filler, which is nanotech and derived from the wood pulp industry. Our cells cannot stop these micro-nano particulates from entering our system and will bio-accumulate wreaking havoc on our immune systems.
I pointed out that cellulose was in the product to which he replied “it is safe”, I said; no it’s not safe, there is nano technology in our vitamin supplements, most are highjacked. To which he said “cellulose is in everything”…..
I gave him my Bye Bye Blue Sky business card, he was not aware of chemtrails or the nano technology. I hope he takes some time to learn about what is going on. Theses well meaning pharmacists, health care practitioners, vets, et al, are rendered impotent if they don’t get up to speed on our environment and what is going on.
It will soon come to pass, we will be our own kitchen alchemists and will be making our own supplements. Store bought brands are no longer safe.

Get smart and educated.  Be very wary of  vitamin fillers such as; cellulose, fructose, soy, sodium benzoate, corn starch, silicone dioxide, aluminum lake, and titanium dioxide.

A few links about cellulose also in our food and packaging;


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Read All Ingredients On Supplements Labels – Your Health Depends On It!!!