Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders – Taking The American Temperature

August 9, 2015

Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders – Taking The American Temperature
by Cara St.Louis
The subject of the Ron Paul campaign has come up a few times recently. It is so incredibly useful to understand what happened there. In fact, my postulates regarding the campaign, (formulated first-hand as I was a happy and dedicated delegate from the state of Maine that year, just a few weeks after my house burned down), now have a twin. 

Ladies and gents, chaps around the world, we now have a sort of matching set! Salt and Pepper shakers. I give you the Bernie Sanders campaign!

 Already Bernie Sanders advocates are reporting the same thing Ron Paul advocates reported: massive crowds and interest combined with zero main stream reporting. That is because, my dearest friends, it is not a campaign. It is a process test, a demonstration, a taking of the American temperature. 

One of the biggest questions in Dr. Paul’s campaign was that if he were real, why were they letting him run his campaign?  Answer: to see how much of the American folk soul remained undefeated. To gauge how much of that new reality of the sovereign individual remained on US soil after a century of trying to dismantle it. And, to see if the young people still seemed to have it in their bones. (Guess what, they do. That is, because it is our folk soul and so reference points are not necessarily needed).

Bernie Sanders is the exact opposite of Ron Paul politically. But they are still using him to take our temperature. How far has socialism really gotten? Who is backing Sanders, where do they live, why are they supporting him, what about the gay agenda? This is DATA.  This is social DATA being collected with which to adjust the herd.  Get it? Mind control and operant conditioning.

The behaviourist paradigm born and refined in the 20th century.  All political contests are dialectics. We all know this on some level. This is a false array of choices and yet we continue to get sucked in. Addicts. Not to politics. To being played. To this team mentality. And finally to the cultivated hole in our souls crying out for just the right Father. 

As long as we stand in that, they can move the herd in any direction. They can spray acid down on us if they want to because they know how to make us put up with it, welcome it even….

Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders – Taking The American Temperature