Skynet; The Techno Enslavement of Humanity is Here

April 02, 2018

By Suzanne Maher

Skynet; The Techno Enslavement of Humanity is Here

Please take note of the real agenda behind the smart grid infrastructure that is being rolled out globally. Skynet is not about convenience or faster downloads.  It is a trap created to ensnare those who are not aware of the dangers of wireless tech.

The Space Fence or otherwise called Skynet, is lynch pin behind the transhumanist/genetic engineering agenda.  The extremely high frequency non-ionizing 5G millimeter waves which will be put on schools, telephone poles, hydro poles, and public buildings is radio frequency poisoning, and a vehicle in which to connect everything from “pill bottles to plant waters” stated by the FCC’s Tom Wheeler.

3G was 3 gigahertz, 4G was 4 gigahertz and 5G is 24 gigahertz to 90 gigahertz.  These are billions of oscillations in a second.  We are electro chemical beings and this radiation is breaking and destroying our DNA strands.  The oppressors of our planet are attempting to make Artificial Intelligence the new God or Ruler.

“The first step in the separation, is to turn the Earth into an artificial existence that nothing can survive unless it has been modified from its original form to do so.”



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Skynet; The Techno Enslavement of Humanity is Here