This is a call to Arms – Evan H.


Chains that bind – Renegade Smith


This is my body – Renegade Smith


Planesight – Jolie Diane


Flipping nine one one – Jolie Diane


Stand or fall – Lotus Dog


One hand in my pocket the other pointing at the chemtrails by Terry Lawton


Digital Clouds by Homage


Bye Bye Blue Skies by Leon Rubenhold


Bye Blue Sky by The Brian Buckley Band




Lost Blue Heaven – Photek


Chemtrails – Beck


Up Up in the Sky – Kate M Willens


America Once the Beautiful – Kate M Willens


Retrontario-A-Song-for-Police-to-End-Chemtrails – Kate M Willens


Calling All Angels – Train


Weather Storm – Craig Armstrong


Eurovision – Laibach


Small Girl in a Mighty World – Paula Gallo/The 5 O’clocks