Sources of Low Frequency Radiation

July 18, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

Sources of Low Frequency Radiation

We are besieged daily with various kinds of frequencies. This is playing havoc with our immune system which is not equipped to deal with the oscillations these frequencies create.  The earth’s brain waves or brain cavity if you will, as well humans, resonate between 7 to 12 Hz (One Hz represents one oscillation per second) to maintain optimum health.  The frequencies we are dealing with are so much stronger and some in the millions (MHz) and billions (GHz) of oscillations.

Extremely low frequencies have very long wave lengths that can be several kilometers long. Due to their very long wave length LF waves can diffract over and under obstacles and are extremely difficult to block or shield.

– Extremely low frequencies are 3 Hz to 3Kz

– Very low frequencies are 3 KHz to 30 KHz (One KHz represents a thousand oscillations per second)

Many are experiencing a syndrome called Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity and Idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to magnetic fields.

Symptoms may include:

  1.  Headaches that get progressively worse
  2. Eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision
  3.  Facial flushing
  4. Tinnitus and other types of ringing and buzzing in the ears
  5. Nausea
  6. Dizziness
  7. Shortness of breath, pressure in the chest
  8. Irregular heartbeat
  9. Chronic fatigue and weakness
  10. Muscle aches and pains, fibromyalgia, arthritic pains
  11. Prickling sensations
  12. Numbness in fingers
  13. Burning sensations
  14. Skin rashes, itchiness, blotchiness or even whole body symptoms
  15. Stress, depression, anxiety, poor concentration, other mood disorders
  16. Brain fog, memory loss, memory deficits confusion, disorientation
  17. Disturbed sleep

This information and graph was replicated from Dr. Jonathan Halpern’s book; Electromagnetic Radiation Survival Guide – Step by Step Solutions – Protect Yourself & Family Now!

Sources of Low Frequency Radiation