July 23, 2015

More often than not, the ego tends to blend in the collective unconscious. This prevents access to his true identity and holds dominion over his lower consciousness. Impressions in the mind and addiction to memory play a big role in this and this is why so many are unable to access their true identity as well as a strong center of gravity.

A human being with a strong identity and center of gravity would never allow any form of domination or control over him, because he cannot be influenced or impressed in any way, shape or form. He can not believe in any philosophy, religion or any other belief system in existence today. In the next evolution cycle, the individualization of consciousness will be the key element required to function in a different society, a society that will allow humans to interact in harmony and total respect for each other.

The individualization of consciousness will also put an end to any form of conflict between humans as well as between nations. Eventually, this will bring an end to the egoic need for national identity, and the need for borders will be no more.


1. Connect with nature
2. Practice simple meditation
3. Tell the truth
4. Find and live your purpose
5. Always be open-minded
6. Treat yourself with respect
7. Practice forgiveness
8. Challenge your belief system
9. Express gratitude
10. Act on your desires
11. Be aware and accepting of your emotions
12. Think positive, act positive, be positive
13. Face your deepest fears
14. Be a positive example for others
15. Bless everything that happens
16. Set goals and accomplish them
17. Make others laugh
18. Listen more than you speak
19. Always act with compassion
20. Understand that everything changes
21. Clear emotional blocks
22. Expand your creativity
23. Be empathetic
24. Allow yourself to be inspired
25. Ask questions about your life
26. Develop your chakras
27. Appreciate your surroundings
28. Celebrate your accomplishments
29. Always have positive intentions
30. Gain wisdom from others



The Light Lines Project HOW IT WORKS:

Part #1: When you follow the steps for the Personal Light Lines Meditation (below), you create a path of light (love) from your location to the location of your loved one(s). Your prayers and meditations are more than thoughts: they are energy sent from one place to another.


1. Set your alarm for the same time every day. This is important for creating a consistent practice of sending light to a particular location.

2. Choose a loved one to whom you would like to direct your loving thoughts. (Keep in mind the location of that person, understanding that your love energies will span the space as you meditate.)

3. At the same time every day send love to that person. This could be in the form of thoughts, prayers, a text message or phone call. The form is less important than the intent.

4. Repeat each day. When this becomes a solid habit, you may want to add other people in other locations.

Part #2: The goal of the Light Lines Project is to bring together a loving community of people who are committed to this simple exercise of sending love and light all over our beloved Earth. When you have made this commitment, tell us your location and the destination of the recipient(s) of your prayers and meditations. The Light Lines Project Admin will put your Light Line on the map. That way, participants will see and be encouraged by the spreading light.

Part #3: Ask other like-minded people to become participants in this Project and share this Facebook group.



Everything in this world has its own unique vibration, depending on its content, quality and characteristics. This includes our bodies, and the food we eat. The faster our mind and body is vibin’ the more conscious, aware and in sync we are with the world, and nature around us.

There are many methods for raising these vibrations and getting in touch with our nature. Eating highly nutritious, energetic foods is one of the easiest and most tangible ways to do this. And baby, you will feel it!

Here is my list of high vibration, naturally nutrient-packed and delicious foods to enjoy for expanded awareness and a beautiful, functioning body. Clean eating means clear thinking, so let’s get these brainwaves moving!