Strategic Defense Initiative – “STAR WARS”…

March 31, 2016

Bye Suzanne Maher

Strategic Defense Initiative – “STAR WARS”

This initiative was implemented in 1983 during the Bush/Reagan era under the pretext of zapping missiles from space, to create a protective shield against enemies.

Kenetic kill weapons, speed of light weapons, neutral particle beams, ground based lasers, electrons using fighting mirrors and hyper velocity guns were some of the weapons that were created under this initiative.

Funding was supposedly scarce and the initiative was shelved. At this point in time the military industrial complex didn’t have an ionized atmosphere to use these weapons. Along came Bernard Eastlund’s patent a few years later; the excitation of electron cyclotron resonance, the interaction of external forces with charged particles experiencing a magnetic field and shortly after HAARP was borne.

Strategic Defense Initiative – “STAR WARS”…