Synthetic Biology And The Morgellons Connection

April 29, 2016

By Suzanne Maher


We all have this bio nano construct in us, a patented artificial life which has been created in a lab and sprayed on us via the chemtrails and in the foods we eat.

This is a whole new paradigm of illness, essential oils, juices, msm, clays, cilantro, chlorella, these items might ease the pains and some discomfort but this nano is self replicating, self assembling and repairs itself. It is proliferating in our bodies, causing genetic mutation, illness and a speedy death. No bowel detox is gonna get this stuff out of you, we need to kill the program. The nano is continually reloading.

I do the Nano bucket a few times a week with a nano bath, what is coming out of my body is horrendous; bio film, quantum dots, nano worms, fibres, cadmium, barium, dendrimers, fullerines. It is ugly, if people thought the metals in the chemtrails were evil, these bastards have upped the ante. This tech is far above the metals in the chemtrails.

The anti nano bucket and the anti nano bath kill the nano programming.  Pulsing these critters with electromagnetic frequencies in combination with an oil (sesame/almond) sea salt will render them inert. I encourage everyone and I mean everyone to make themselves a bucket.

People will not survive this hijacking if we don’t remove this garbage out of our bodies.

Lyme’s Disease the doctors tell me? I would suspect this is more a case of deliberate nano poisoning.


Herbalist, Tony Pantelleresco showing us how to make a nano bucket

A few pics of the nano bucket from a fellow activist


A friend in Spain who has beeing doing Tony’s bucket and some pictures of the synthetic biology inside of all of us

morg63 morgellons1 morgellons5 Morgellons17 12 morgellons24 morgellons50

Synthetic Biology And The Morgellons Connection