The Hamster Wheel of Human Behaviour and AI – Be Who You Were Meant To Be

August 9, 2015

The New Age Hamster Wheel and AI – Be Who You Were Meant To Be

By Cara St. Louis

I had in mind to write about something radical…one of my radical thinking topics. Then  I was drawn back into a hamster wheel.  And as I was writing about that, I was made aware of another demonstration, a national exercise in social engineering study.

It is, as I have said before, like riding the crest of a tidal wave. Hang on tight!

One often has to write very quickly in order to get one thought off before the next one appears. However, assuming I can actually work the attendant communication technology, I am expected to participate in a global round table discussion on both mind control and AI in a few hours. My current writing partner, Harald Kautz-Vella, will be there, too.  His bailiwick is the AI.

I have spent a few years trying to shake myself awake and report back on the mind control.  Every time I report some new find, something else lands on me, thank God.  Considering the piece that appeared before my eyes today and the discussion tonight, I think I had better go with the demonstration in the United States.

You may know (you do now anyway) that one of the tenets of our book, Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation (DISA) was that I had written it in response to the sudden understanding on the mental hamster wheels in play running human behaviour. 

The hamster wheel went directly to the questions: how did we become people who would allow ourselves to be gassed and medically experimented on from the sky and how did we become people who would do that to each other?  The answer is staggering in its simplicity and in the realization of our saturation.  Social Engineering. The Stolen Century: the 20th century. That exercise in subjugation; that exercise in social engineering leading to cultural revolution…cultural terraforming that allowed physical terraforming.  
 The hamster wheel is an odd one, really, and I rarely come up against it. However, the one time I have, it turned out to be because I was being ‘interviewed’ by an individual who didn’t even have a show. 
It never occurred to me that anyone would make up a back story then call me and interview me in England…presenting 90 minutes of aggressive, combative, negative questions and statements.  It was a situation in which the caller seemed most interested in whether or not I had gotten a good look at the laptop he assumed my mother had worked on in 1989 (excuse me?). I mentioned a laptop in The Sun Thief but it was the one my mother had in 2010 and it had nothing on it that was…cue the dramatic music…TOP SECRET. In other words, this guy posed as an interviewer to try to make me angry and to see if I knew anything I shouldn’t know. He was interrogating me.  And I had to say for the billionth time, my mother could not tell me what she was working on and she never did.

So, since I just came up against something that feels a tiny bit similar, I am going to take the time to answer some questions and concerns in this blog. I somehow feel I need to address this, in case this kind of thing comes up again, and I am always grateful for opportunities to separate nonsense from truth. 

First of all, I want to say here and now that working on my own press is something that I have had to force myself to do. It is not complete and detailed. I do it because I have to in order for people to want to read what I write even more than they would from the material itself.

I rely quite heavily on my interviews and articles to accurately present who I am to the world, what I think, and the subjects I write about. I do not rely on my book jackets to do that for me. For example, I have been scolded by publishers more than once for being too wordy on the book jackets. People will put the damned book down, they say! The real details are for the INSIDE of the book.  That is why it is called a book.

However, no one has ever asked me after reading the book details and information of Dangerous Imagination what the premise actually is.  Moreover, n
o one has ever asked me after reading the descriptions I have written as articles in my magazine, or after seeing the half dozen lengthy interviews I have given on the same. Until now.  So that seems to be the situation.

Sample chapters of the book have been available for months now in Vortex, my magazine, and yet someone has just asked me what the premise of my book is because the jacket description isn’t…descriptive enough.  And, not only that, but after having a look at the inside pages on amazon and the chapter titles, it is still unclear. That could be, I guess, because I use catchy metaphors for some of the titles, such as The Cryptocracy when I talk about the control of the Tavistock Institute.  Or I have titled one chapter, From Blood to Dust…it speaks of the Industrialists and their perversion of humanity at the beginning of the 20th century. 

So, it may be that the titles of the chapters are just too quirky and snappy to reveal the details of the book. How far are they supposed to? And why is it, this is the first time anyone has said this to me?  Anyone. Anywhere. Including the people who had to translate it into German.  Something is definitely UP here. Just not sure what.  All of a sudden the trolls were out and people were over-reacting to comments; and, and, and….

This seems to have something to do with our breaking into Australia finally…. There is a push-back that is clearly recognizable.  Luckily, Harald and I have cut our teeth on the push-back from the US for the last 3 years.  I think some of the push back is purposeful and some is just a general unconscious irritation.

So, the first peculiar question, based on the idea that the subject matter was just not clear and nowhere to be found, was;  What is the premise of Dangerous Imagination?

The second question was shakier; Does the book detail how one can use the power of imagination as an individual and/or a collective to manifest the desired reality? And, gloom; someone wanted to know if anywhere in our book had I detailed how we as humans could use our ‘inner tech’ to use the Imagination to manifest end results. Sirens, bells, red lights all going off at the same time.

A recipe. They want a recipe, an instruction manual and…what? Desired reality and the detailed instructions.  That smacks of New Age bullshit to me. And the problem with this kind of thinking is that it is a truth sandwich. Yes, we can use our imagination. It is our power. But we must understand what it is and how natural it is and how integrated a part of us it is.  It sounds like someone trying to come up with a question that makes us think he/she is really deep and mystical.

It is a hamster wheel. It is frustrating, but also it is is a gift because it’s going to make me stay up all night trying to put words around it.  So thanks. Thanks for the New Age Hamster Wheel Bullshit. Let us work this out together. Tonight. In the small hours.

Let me just state that I have no ‘inner tech.’ I am a human being, not a machine. Machines are dim copies of what you and I are. And I will not let stand this little jingo-istic foray into self talk that paves the way for trans-humanism. No, sir, and don’t you either. Not only that, I do not have to be taught how to use my Imagination to implement a result here on the physical plane. What do you think you see all around you? What are you sitting on, wearing, looking at? It is what we do: create the Organic Hologram.

What we have to do is re-associate ourselves consciously with this, our greatest tool and power, and understand that we are the co-creators of anything enlivened that we see. We have been taught to discount and ignore the Imagination but it is still there, fully functional. 

I have stated plainly, but perhaps not loudly or often enough yet that what kicks the Imagination back into gear are Radical Questions and Radical Thinking. 

I don’t think the old ‘co-ed sitting at a desk at Radcliffe making sure the notes are properly taken’ scenario is going to supply the answers. That is old thinking. That is the Prussian Education system and Pavlovian conditioning still at work. There is no recipe because everything like that is hierarchical, which is false, and is part of the Inorganic Hologram.  There is only the stepping away from the inorganic hologram, truly realizing that our Imagination is the translator between the morphogenic field and the material plane…one can says ‘manifests’ here without running into too much trouble, and getting that everything else is up for grabs.

We make the Organic Hologram. It is part of the Duality in its way. In fact, it may have always been the Duality, OR it it is the Predator trying to make like, but failing, attempting to make half the duality but unable to enliven it, failing at copying the duality. Male and female, yin and yang, organic and inorganic. Supplying an opposite to life: Not Life. Does it serve a purpose then? No. I don’t think so. So there…… Thank you again for making me think deeper and harder.

Brand new to our long-blinded vision.  The only way to awaken now is with radical thinking. Asking tough and truly strange questions, not looking for the tool kit supplied by the AI as to how to proceed. Put down your pencils! It isn’t in a textbook, folks! 

I read this description on Amazon and on…

“Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation is a no-excuses conversation about the social engineering of the twentieth century, how it led to our planet being terraformed almost without our knowledge and what we can do about it. It’s not as hard as you think. The side effects of global medical experimentation are devastating and fatal unless we act… Morgellon’s Syndrome and the use of Sentient Oil, both of which are being understood deeply and handled. Read how.”

Harald and I have not written a New Age, How To Manual. We have pulled the blanket off the bullshit so you can look at it for yourselves. We have defined and swivelled the attention toward the staggeringly beautiful and powerful human Imagination and asked you to use it, love, it and be who you were born to be.


The Hamster Wheel of Human Behaviour and AI – Be Who You Were Meant To Be