The Humble Beginnings of Becoming An Activist – By Karen Yates

 October 20, 2016

The Humble Beginnings of Becoming an Activist

 By Karen Yates – Corona Woman

In the year 2010, I woke up to chemtrails by talking with a Psychologist that I was very good friends with. He was very intelligent, and witty.  In our conversations, we always talked about a whole range of subjects especially Government politics and policies and for some reason, one day he asked me did I know what chemtrails were. 

Well, I thought he was off his rocker and I asked him what the heck are you talking about?  He said “I can show you better than I can explain.”  Immediately he pulled out his laptop and showed me.  I was floored.  I couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t want to believe it.  I said “no, the Government can’t be doing that to us, I don’t believe that, that’s supposed to be against the Constitution”,  He said in return, “you’re programmed to think that they have your best interests at heart but in all actuality, they’re slowly killing us.” “They want to further their Agenda and they will do it by any means, we’ve talked about that but I knew you wouldn’t believe the subject of chemtrails, what they are and how they implemented that in their program to further their Agenda.” He said you need to read “The Patriot Act I and II, but they’ve been doing this since the 40’s and no one took note.” 

 To be honest, after numerous conversations about this with him, I was frightened and just never looked up at the sky.  Unfortunately we lost contact with each other. Then, one day I was on YouTube, just bouncing around and through another person’s YouTube videos on a totally different subject, a fella from the UK, and up pops this Master Herbalist and Researcher.  I decided to look at his videos as I was curious and had never seen him before. I couldn’t get enough of him, he was so intelligent with a slight comical slant to his comments and he happened to know so much. A lot of his remedies made me remember the things my grandparents and parents use to do.  So, I studied him very closely.  One day I mustered up enough courage to contact him. To my surprise, and it was a great privilege, he answered my contact.  YAY!  Then, he put me in contact with a radio station that he broadcasts his programs from, The MicroEffect, on Saturday’s @ 8pm EST.  I make the time to listen every Saturday.  Since I have been in contact with him, I have learned so much and I am still in the process of learning!  Not only have I learned about using Herbals and certain foods, salt baths, etc. to counteract some of this evil technology, I’m learning about NanoTechnology, Geoengineering, Physics and the whole gamut of this evil Agenda for Planetary Sabotage and Human Extinction, he admonished me to question everything you read, and be selective of what you read. He taught me not to be afraid but to be vigilant in taking care of myself and what is left of my family. And, he put me in contact with a lovely lady who is fighting very hard against this whole Geoengineering thing.  I am also listening and learning from other activists on the radio station he broadcasts from.  He has a webpage with a wealth of information on these subjects.  His website is named  The lovely lady I mentioned before has a Facebook Page named Bye Bye Blue Skies.  It contains a wealth of information from people all over the world, and she is very active in making people aware of what is going on! Now, when I go out, because of her posts of billboards being put up in different areas in Canada and the US, I always look up at the sky.  It’s just amazing!  Along with the Master Herbalist and Researcher, she has helped inspire me to write this blog.

To date, I have written three blogs and as long as I have breath in my body, I will continue, that is my participation in this activism.   This evil Agenda and having the privilege to be in contact with these wonderful people changed me in a huge way.  

Again, I am no longer afraid. The truth needs to be told.  The people doing this need to be exposed.  There are many people out there who are putting their lives on the line. There are also some people who work in high Government positions who are putting their lives on the line by exposing this and they are being targeted and persecuted!  WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!  

I don’t believe in a man-made Government, I really never did.  I’ve always believed in Christ’s Kingdom. These officials along with their thousands of departments and corporations are NOT doing anything to help, so don’t be deceived!  The Wicked One has effectively misled the entire inhabited earth! (Rev. 12:9) They are conspiring with the Globalists (matter of fact some in Government are Globalists) and want to depopulate the human race from 7 billion people to 500,000! That is total mass genocide.  I never gave my consent to be sprayed like an insect, I don’t look at myself as being a pest.  I never liked people playing with my food and that is exactly what they are doing. I am a human being. You are a human being.

Almighty God and Jesus made us all in their image according to their likeness (Gen. 1:26), not a machine or what they call Transhumanism (that is a whole different subject for another time).  This is what makes me so angry. Who are they to determine who can live and who cannot?  In fact John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” (NRSV) You know they’re being controlled by a source so wicked, he wants to destroy the entire human race.  So, take courage because the time is near when Jesus WILL be back to break up the works of the Devil and all of these horrible crimes will be put to rest forever!


The Humble Beginnings of Becoming An Activist – By Karen Yates