The Light Lines Project – Changing Our Reality and Outcome

September 9, 2015

By Suzanne Maher

Message From Kathleen Blunt Roberts

I am ready to move forward.

For 3+ years I have been studying geoengineering and looking for solutions. For many more years than that, I have been aware of the dangers for our children and grandchildren. I am now ready to commit to what I have always known: if enough good hearted people join together, we can change the reality and outcome for people on our Beloved Mother Earth. Please join with me in The Light Lines Project.



Part #1: When you follow the steps for the Personal Light Lines Meditation (below), you create a path of light (love) from your location to the location of your loved one(s). Your prayers and meditations are more than thoughts: they are energy sent from one place to another.

1. Set your alarm for the same time every day. This is important for creating a consistent practice of sending light to a particular location.
2. Choose a loved one to whom you would like to direct your loving thoughts. (Keep in mind the location of that person, understanding that your love energies will span the space as you meditate.)
3. At the same time every day send love to that person. This could be in the form of thoughts, prayers, a text message or phone call. The form is less important than the intent.
4. Repeat each day. When this becomes a solid habit, you may want to add other people in other locations.

Part #2: The goal of the Light Lines Project is to bring together a loving community of people who are committed to this simple exercise of sending love and light all over our beloved Earth. When you have made this commitment, reply to this message and tell us your location and the destination of the recipient(s) of your prayers and meditations. The Light Lines Project Admin will put your Light Line on the map. That way, participants will see and be encouraged by the spreading light.

Part #3: Ask other like-minded people to become participants in this Project and share this Facebook group.

Please join Kathleen’s Facegroup group to join in this meditative practice.

The Light Lines Project – Changing Our Reality and Outcome