The Mayor Of Gravenhurst Passes The Buck…

October 13, 2015

By Suzanne Maher


I received an email from the Mayor of Gravenhurst today with respect to our meeting last Friday regarding geoengineering and instituting a “Clean Air Act” here in the town.

Mayor Donaldson stated; “We believe that this is beyond the Municipalities mandate and feel your better option is the Federal Government.”

This is a Municipal/Provincial/Federal issue, this is a citizen’s issue, a world issue. I also appealed to her also on that basis.

It is clearly apparent, Mayor Donaldson is not concerned about the eco decline here is Muskoka, the health related issues of geoengineering on the residents, the colony collapses, etc. I quite pointedly outlined the serious effects of geoengineering on our community.

My lab results which showed this metal poisoning are of no concern to the local officials? What does it take to wake these people out of their stupor?

Our officials and their actions are disgraceful. By not addressing the issue they are complicit in their silence and their ignorance. They, nor their families, nor anyone else is inured to this poisoning.

By passing the buck the Mayor’s actions are no better than MP’s Tony Clement who stated at the past election debate that “chemtrails are a conspiracy theory”.

Shame on our Mayor…


The Mayor Of Gravenhurst Passes The Buck…