Tony Pantalleresco, The Nano Man – Protect Your Genetic Code, Measures and Counter Measures

January 2, 2017

Tony Pantalleresco, The Nano Man – Protect Your Genetic Code, Measures and Counter Measures!

When it comes to educating people about their health and the paradigm we now live in Tony P., chemist, herbalist is the man!

In Tony’s latest podcast Tony discusses various minerals we can use; alone, in a combination, or a liposome delivery.  The weaponized assault through our food, water and air calls for measures and counter measures to protect our immune system and help protect our neural integrity and cellular matrix.  This is no longer the 1980’s where a quick visit to the doctor or naturopath will help keep us well.

We now need to understand the highjacking of our  food which used to essentially be our medicine, and which now has been destroyed by the nano technology, the pesticides, radiation and glyphosates.  Couple that with fluoridated water, and a polluted and toxic atmosphere through our controlled and exploited weather.  All of these things are a WEAPON!

The minerals in our bodies are all being leeched from the poisons we are taking in.  We need a one two punch to combat this.  A few  minerals Tony mentions which can strengthen our immune system and which you will see measurable results are as follows;

Selenium –  Selenium helps to regulate heart  beat;

Iodine –  Iodine helps to protect our endocrine system, our cells and our genetic code;

Copper – Copper helps to protect brain functioning;

Boron – Boron helps to protect our skeletal structure and endocrine system, helps to remove fluoride poisoning, decalcifies our pineal gland;

Zinc – This mineral will help with the nervous system, respiratory, skin issues/acne/psoriasis/boils, impotence, cervical dysplasia, periodontal disease, cataracts, hearing and more.

Please look further at Tony’s health protocols on our Nano/Morgellons section on this website.  His anti nano bucket/bath are extremely effective and I use them both at least three times a week.

We now need to neutralize what we are eating.  Mitigate the poisons we take in and then get them out through his protocols and a more stringent diet.  Bread, grains, rice, corn and soy are the largest offenders and have the most nano technology in them. This technology loves grains and will replicate exponentially if we are ingesting them.

Revised diet, health protocol detoxes, and strong supplementation will help get us through these very dangerous times.

For more health info please visit Tony’s website;



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Tony Pantalleresco, The Nano Man – Protect Your Genetic Code, Measures and Counter Measures