Tutorial For Rain Water Analysis – from Activist Patrick Roddie

October 24, 2016

By Suzanne Maher

Tutorial For Rain Water Analysis – From Activist Patrick Roddie

More and more people are getting rain water samples taken to determine what exactly is in raining down on us.

Water samples are more clear evidence that our rainwater has been contaminated through the chemical aerosol spraying.  Based out of the U.S. Patrick demonstrates how to take a clean, preserved rain water sample and fill out the required forms to send in to the lab.

Patrick uses McCampbell Analytical Inc. in Pittsburg, California to test his samples.  They test for metals “over reporting limits” not below.

  •  try and capture the beginnings of the rain fall
  • capture 5 fluid ounces in high sided containers in clean glass or plastic water bottles
  • test for aluminum, barium, strontium and any additional suspect metals like titanium, manganese, cadmium, etc.
  • cost is approximately $17 for the first metal, $12 for subsequent metals

If anyone from Ontario is interested in getting a sample done, I have used a trusted lab here numerous times.  They also can provide containers for your samples.

Link to McCampbell


Link to Patrick’s website for more weather modification related information;




Tutorial For Rain Water Analysis – from Activist Patrick Roddie