We Now Get 22% Less Sunlight

July 24, 2015

By Suzanne Maher


Our sun is being blocked by up to 22% states English Scientist, Dr. Gerry Stanhill.

Blocking our sun has very dangerous consequences, a suppression of photosynthesis/food energy.  Plants and trees need sunlight to survive and give us oxygen, so consequently our trees and plant life are dying.  There is the issue of vitamin d suppression needed for healthy immune function.  Precipitation and climatic systems will all be affected, because it is our sun’s energy that drives our weather and climate patterns.

22% less sunlight is harming all plants, animals and human beings. Moulds and fungi are becoming rampant because of the lack of sunlight, soils are contaminated and becoming growth resistant, coupled with the deluge of aluminum from the chemtrails, rickets has reappeared, cancers are skyrocketing, as well as the incidence of osteoporosis…

We need sun.

no sun

We Now Get 22% Less Sunlight