Welcome to Bye Bye Blue Sky

Bye Bye Blue Sky is a dedicated global public environmental movement who seeks to be a voice for all living creatures and ecosystems, to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment, air, water and land, which our sustenance depends.

We use education, peaceful protest and creative communication to expose one of the world’s largest and most significant ecological threats and pre imminent disasters, commonly known as Climate Engineering or “Chemtrails”.

These programs are done under “National Research” wherein plausible deniability can always ensue.  This is the toxic spraying of nano particulate metals which are  further amplified by ionospheric heaters to steer, direct and control our weather for military purposes and global domination.  Programs which have no publicly disclosed oversight and which have been conducted for decades .  Chemtrails are the means, electromagnetic frequencies are the method; a spray and zap effect shredding our atmosphere and unraveling our ecosystems.

Bye Bye Blue Sky is an independent movement that any one person or group can join.

We are a global collective of dedicated and like-minded individuals, whose core values are reflected in our environmental campaign work. From the smallest community to the largest multinational organization, we seek to educate and inspire others to create awareness of these spraying programs so they can be exposed and eradicated.

We ensure financial independence through self-funding and donations. Each educational event or protest is also self-funded by Bye Bye Blue Sky and event coordinators.

We seek to apply the wealth of our knowledge, passion and talents to end the illegal spraying of our planet, and create a world wealthier in spirit, life, nature and harmony for all.

Suzanne Maher – Founder of Bye Bye Blue Sky

Please investigate the truth!

For more information click on the buttons above and the links below.  We all need to understand the destruction is being deliberately created on our planet by the very people who are supposed to protect our planet and our biosphere.  There are severe impacts to our health and on our own persons by this toxic spraying.  Our weather is manipulated for profit and control vis a vis nano technology and ionospheric heaters.  This is not extremism or hypberbole.

Agreement Between Canada and the United States of American Relating to the Exchange of Information on Weather Modification Activities

View Treaty – E103819


List Of Geoengineering Patents


Dr. Nick Begich, Author of Angels Don’t Play This HAARP


Photo Courtesy of Renegade Smith


Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth – Elana Freeland



Anti Geoengineering Billboard in West Michigan – Put Up by Activist Rhonda Lynn


Anti Geoengineering Billboard in Brechin, Ontario – Put up By Suzanne Maher